IPS2225 and ThingSpeak cloud

ThingSpeak enable controller IPS2225 to send data to the cloud where it is stored in either a private or a public channel.
ThingSpeak allows to aggregate, analyze live data streams in the cloud and visualize as charts.
Some of the key capabilities of ThingSpeak include the ability to:
  • Easily configuration IPS2225 to send data to the ThingSpeak cloud.
  • Visualize the sensor data in real-time as charts.
  • Collect data in private channels.
  • Share data with public channels.
  • Use the power of MATLAB to make sense of your IoT data.
  • Run your IoT analytics automatically based on schedules or events.
  • Prototype and build IoT systems without setting up servers or developing web software
  • Smartphone Client Applications.
  • ThingSpeak

    Creating an account in Mathworks

    It is free to sign up for ThingSpeak.

    To start using ThingSpeak must create a new MathWorks account.
    The account requires an email, username, password, country of origin and the names of the user.

    Creating a new channel

    Select menu Channels -> My channels and click on the button "New Channel".

    The minimum information required is a channel name and the name of the fields to be used.

    Every created channel has identification number and API keys - Write API key and Read API key.

    Example how to set the controller IPS2225

    As the controller IPS2225 post data to the cloud it is need to use Write API key.

    You can configure 2 channels and 5 fields for each one.

    Every field can be related with any sensor, analog input, digital input or relay.

    Visualization chart example from ThingSpeak website

    Visualization char example from mobile application ThingView

    More information from thingspeak.com
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